My favorite things

These are fast becoming my favorite things here in Fairbanks – simple, but necessary, and they keep me happy and warm. -) See them here. It’s such a gift to just be able to walk the dog without worrying about slipping on ice I didn’t see. Notice, Snickers needs no such coddling. So, you can tell who is better suited for this environment. I’ll try to get a pic of her after she’s done her rolling-in-the-snow thing during our walks. Also, please note that I’m not quite sure my new Happy Light *is* one of my favorite things, yet. However, if I do get affected by the not-much-light thing, I’m sure it will be. ) I expect a trip to FL will fix that right quick, though. Hee hee. -D



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2 responses to “My favorite things

  1. TJ

    The Happy Light is a great idea!! I am going to get Peggy one, wven though we only live in MI and the not-much-light thing is a lot shorter. I love your Blog! You are so creative!!

  2. loudlibrarian1965

    Thanks, Tim! Right now, though, it’s bright happy sunlight on the snow – the sun came up about 8:45am and goes down about 6:45pm. Not that hard to deal with, actually – so far.

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