Organic Chemistry to the crucifixion in one brilliant flash

So, I went upstairs the other day to ask my landlady’s son to show me how to put up my timer for my electrical plug in for my car. While he was talking to me, I noticed he had those little magnetic toys that are popular right now. I’d seen them before, and since he and his sister and little brother are home-schooled, I said, “Hey, did you know that you can use those to make models of different molecules? Can you make caffeine with one?” He said he did know that, and did I know that they had just bought the homeschooling set for the organic chemistry lessons? He pulled it off the shelf to show me! He ruefully explained that he didn’t know the caffeine molecule, though. I watched him and his brother play with the magnets, and the younger brother ran into his room to show me how he had made soldiers out of his, and what battles they had. The older brother then picks up one of the soldiers, splays out the “arms” and “legs”, and, in a sepulchre voice, announces solemnly, “IT…IS…FINISHED.” He then flopped the soldier forward, with a grunted release of breath. He looks up and giggles.

I’m not sure how to react. I guess, if you’re a religiously educated, home schooled kid, and the bible is your every day, day long meat and drink, and you don’t watch any other secular television, read newspapers, or listen to any non-Christian music, then *that* is your material for doing what all kids do, regardless of walk of life: joke, laugh and play with things, whatever you have for toys. I’m not sure I ever thought of those three things(my toys, chemistry, and the crucifixion)  together in the same stream of thought though. Maybe it’s just me?


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