My first publication! Plus, the agony of online dating.

Hey everyone – I was googling myself just for the heck of it the other day (it’s good to know what comes up – sometimes one is surprised!) and I found this! (Go to page 15.) (Unfortunately, this link is dead, and the issue has not been put online yet… -jen 3/21/08) This is something I wrote for the Pacific Northwest Library Association’s Quarterly publication, after I had attended their leadership conference last year. I never knew it had been accepted until now! So, kiddies, it’s good to see what the internet has to say about you – for instance, I’m happy that the pictures of me with two .44 magnums and a big .223 shell belt that was taken a couple of years ago in the ballistics laboratory of Washington State Crime Lab didn’t show up as the number one hit. **grin** Not that that would have been *bad*, but that’s hardly the first thing I want a prospective employer to see. OTOH, I did use that pic as one of the ones I posted in my online dating profile, before I totally got sick of that. One guy did write me through and lectured, “You *do* know, don’t you, that those shells don’t go in that gun?” Sheesh. Of *course* I know that. And that was what he chose to write for first contact with a lady? Such is the kind of guy I meet online. Brad Paisley is right on. He feels my pain. 🙂 (What’s that you say? You want to see the .44 Magnum picture? Okaaaaay, here.) No comments about my improper grip, please.


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