The days are getting short!

sun112007-002.jpgNo, that’s not meant as a veiled warning to straighten up and fly right. (But if you want to take it that way, by all means, please do.) 😛 The days really *are* getting shorter. Right now, the sun doesn’t break over the horizon much before 10am, and is already on its rampage back down by about 2:30pm, although still visible. By the end of the month, the sunrise will be at about 11am, and the sunset will be completely below the horizon by 2:30pm. Today, I think I could get used to this, if only because when the sun *is* up, it comes streaming into the library’s fourth main floor in such glorious golden orange color that it seems a sin not to go out and fully enjoy all its splendor. I go home or out to do errands almost every day on my lunch for this reason. Why go one floor down and sit in a flourescent lit lounge with no windows when such beauty is available outside? Of course, the sun has no warmth, and one has to bundle up all limbs, head, hands, and exposed parts, but it’s still great. I think I value it *more* than I did all day, every day bright hot sunlight in Florida, if only because it’s so rare here at this time of year.

Have I mentioned that I brought 5 pairs of gloves and mittens from Outside for here, and none of them is worth a fart? :-O So, I’m off to Apocalypse Design, a local outfitter that makes their own jackets, bib overalls and insulated gear, that long time Fairbanksans here tell me I can solve the tingling and burning feet and hands problem I encounter while walking Snickers. If you think you don’t really need to bundle up, because hey, you’re just walking to the end of the street, YES, you do. Really. EVERY time. I’m not kidding about this…Okay, don’t coming crying to *me* when everything is burning and painful, missy… 😛



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2 responses to “The days are getting short!

  1. Jenny and Becky

    Very interesting!! But where are the pictures of:

    your apartment
    your office
    what you see out walking the dog or looking out the window?

    Hmm, missy? Walla Wallans want to know! We miss you.

  2. Hey ya’ll!
    Well, *you* need to get yourself over to my Picasa site, here:

    There are several pictures put up there – of exactly that! 🙂
    Miss you too!

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