Is the News-Miner Circulation run by pot-smoking hippies?

So, this is kind of an old story, but my friend Susan said I should blog about it – so, here goes:

Even though it’s sorta antiquated, I started a News-Miner paper subscription for only Friday, Saturday and Sunday. (Newspapers nowadays are always complaining about shrinking subscriber $$s because most people now read online). I find it’s the best way to get an idea about what life in a particular city is all about, as well as read about perennial current events and attitudes. I wish I had started doing it earlier when I lived in Walla Walla; it would have made me feel at home sooner, I think. ANYHOW…

I call the News-Miner Home Delivery Circulation number about last September. I explain I’d like to start home delivery. I explain I’d like F/Sat/Sun only. The nice lady takes my credit card number and says my subscription should start next week. Great!

Next week comes: no paper. I call back: The lady tells me they won’t deliver unless I have a little paper box on my mail box. Great, can they put one up please? She says it will take a few days….

A few days later; the box is delivered, but not put up. I call back. Oh, she says, he didn’t put it up? Okay, I’ll send him back out to do that. It might take a few days….

A few days later comes, in all its inevitability, and HEY! The box is up! Wrong side and sideways, but at least it’s up. Friday comes around in a few days, aaaaannnnndddd…..

The paper is THROWN INTO THE YARD! As God as my witness, since I had the box put up, NOT ONE paper has been put in the box. Ever. I’m not sure what this means; my landlady says I should call and complain, but, the truth is, less stomping through the snow happens when I pick it up off the ground than going out to the box. AND, the paper thoughtfully puts the issues in bright orange plastic sleeves, so that it’s always findable on the ground. AND, the paper boy always throws it in the same place, so I usually don’t have any trouble finding it.

And they say customer service is DEAD… 🙂



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2 responses to “Is the News-Miner Circulation run by pot-smoking hippies?

  1. Miss Method

    I didn’t give up my subscription to the News-Miner because I read it on-line. I gave it up because the paper carrier followed up his la-de-da throw-it-anywhere-in-the-yard-in-the-snow (which I had called and complained about to no effect) by throwing it up onto MY ROOF. My ROOF! No, seriously, it was up there until the snow melted and slide off.
    I’ve been a Fairbanksan my whole life and, up ’til two years, always subscribed to the paper, but not any more. It hasn’t been the same since the original owners sold out. New management: it’s run more companies into the ground than anything else.

  2. I have all manner of things that have disappeared in my yard that I won’t find until spring, I’m sure. As long as there are no bodies. 😛 No kidding! I’ve heard of people falling through ice when no one is around, or getting lost in an avalanche, and not being found until spring. Probably why I haven’t been too adventurous yet. Or, maybe it’s the cost. Yeah, that’s it. 🙂

    I understand about the “hasn’t been the same” change lament. Sorry for being one of the “newbie interlopers” that moved to town, bringing new development destruction in my wake, destroying local history as local landmarks are decimated to build new yuppie chain stores. I’m sorry. But, it was done in my hometown first, so I know what it’s like. No matter where you move, the time to be there was always 10 years ago.

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