Ohhh, I am having *such* a day!

And apparently, everyone else is too. I got up later than I wanted, dragged my extension cord down the street and destroyed it, (for the second time!) and my front doors on the Forester *froze* this morning, leaving me to climb in by the back doors and over the front seats. In one of the all-too-rare mornings I wore a skirt. 😦

People who live Outside may not realize this, but there is a lazy way to live in Fairbanks, and a not-lazy, takes-more-effort-and-money-but-it’s-worth-it way. An example is the extension cord that plugs my car in. Everywhere in Fairbanks, when the temps dip to sub-zero, people plug in their cars. Because you may be in and out of your car several times a day, some people wrap the already-plugged-into-the-engine block heater cord around their side view mirror when it’s not in use. I started doing this, only to have the cord WALK it’s way off the side view mirror, or WALK its way out of the plug in the front of the car, and continue to be dragged under the tires while it’s still wrapped around the side view mirror. THUS, after destroying TWO $30 cords, I’m not doing that anymore.

So, you may ask, (I know you are, right?) What should I do instead? Well, here’s where the cost/time/comfort factor comes in:

1) I could buy a special little rack to wind the cord more securely on, which attaches the Subaru’s grill. Cost – probably a couple hundred $$.

2) I could just plug in both ends every time I need to when it’s below zero, and keep the cord in the car; cost: nothing, except the time and frozen fingers it takes to do that. This is probably the better way to go: takes more effort and preparation (remember the gloves so that your hands won’t freeze while surmounting the 3 foot of new snow next to the plug), but worth the cost of repeatedly replacing the cord from the lazier way.

So, let’s look at the frozen car door problem; I asked my Circ Super how to get a frozen car door open, and she said “wait until Spring?” πŸ™‚ I eventually got it open by working the auto door lock button open and closed, open and closed. I had to run the car with the heater on super-hot high for 20 minutes to get it to do this. Plus, a couple of well-placed kicks from my boot heels. With my skirt up around my waist while sideways in my front seats.

This is why people have auto-starts installed in their vehicles here – you can start your car from inside anywhere, and have it nice and toasty when you tromp through the 3 feet of snow on your drive to get to work. (You had to do that because you were *lazy* this weekend and didn’t want to shovel snow in -30 weather. Snow blower? That’ll cost ya another couple hundred.) Auto starts also allow you to lock your vehicle while keeping your engine going while you run in and do an errand. I honestly didn’t know that my Forester *won’t* lock while the engine is going. Cost of an auto start? Some between $300 and $800, depending on how far away you need it to work. I wonder if women all over Fairbanks are saying, “If you truly loved me, you buy me an auto start!”

But, ya know what? NONE OF THIS MATTERS! The sun comes up at 9am now and goes down a little after 5pm. AND today is a beautiful day!



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2 responses to “Ohhh, I am having *such* a day!

  1. Miss Method

    *SNORK!* Ah, if only one of the Circ staff had the foresight to videotape you thawing your car locks. I’m sure they could have made a mint on America’s Funniest Home videos …. πŸ™‚

  2. The bad thing is that it’s not the lock that’s a problem; it’s the mechanism for the automatic door lock *inside* the door. NOT compatible with Fairbanks winters. I should ask Auto Service if other Forester owners have this problem.

    We’re awesome here at Circ!! In -46 degree weather, Circ saves my butt *again* today by loaning me a cord to plug in with, because mine out in the yard was *frozen* together! (I usually take the extension off the one coming from the house, since I dragged the car one last week.)

    I agree! Woulda made a funny video. πŸ˜› Ya know, before I moved here, I really didn’t believe all the amazing cold weather stories; when I was growing up in FLA, I didn’t appreciate how easy life is when you can wear the same 5 tshirts, 2 shorts, and 1 pair flipflops anywhere, anytime, and go out with absolutely no preparation. It’s not like I’m gonna move back there anytime soon, (Sorry, Mom!) but it’s definitely not a bad way to get away for a while. Life is good.

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