*This* is spring?

MAN, it’s warm here. Currently, it’s 48 degrees! It sounds weird coming from my mouth, since I haven’t even been here a year yet, but even a cheechako (a word which only authors trying to sell Alaskan-themed non-fiction use for a lower-48 audience) like me can tell it’s too warm. We’re in the midst of the Winter Festivities here, and they all depend on it being colder than it is right now. Ice carvings melt. Dogs can’t mush through this melting snow moosh. It sounds unbelieveable, but I would rather it were colder here right now. A co-worker told me that the ice carving dates were *moved back* this year because they needed colder weather, and it’s still too warm! The city of Anchorage has trucked in snow to downtown for years now, for the ceremonial start of the Iditarod. But apparently it used to be the last week of March for years, with no trucking needed – temps were usually still sub-zero here, if not there.

I also expected spring to be more violent. People use terms like “break-up” and “wash-out” to describe what happens to rivers and roads here in the spring. I said that to someone today, and he paused – “Just wait for it.” Spring is, near as I can tell from the descriptions people have given me, about 48 hours long. 🙂 I’ve also been told this kind of weather is about a month ahead of time this year. So, I’m not putting anything cold related away yet – last year this time I was visiting here, and it was in the 20’s during the day, and below zero at night – about in the negative 20’s! Even though every cell in my body is screaming “IT’S SPRING! IT’S SPRING! HOW CAN WE GET RID OF ALL THIS FREAKIN’ SNOW SO I CAN START GROWING STUFF?”, I’m not dropping my guard. 🙂


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