Talk about a throw away society!

Thursday, April 3rd

Well, the snow is really melting double time now, and it looks pretty dirty, gloppy and gross. I want so BAD to have my car washed, but until more of the dirty mooshy snow is gone, I think it would be wasted money. I’m sure that those who have been here a long time, as well as those in Florida who moved from elsewhere are inured to this, but I am fascinated at what is *melting out* of the snow, after not seeing the actual ground for months! Here’s a partial list from my head of the stuff I saw while walking the dog yesterday:

A child’s toy plastic shovel

Plastic handled tote bag

Trash and other assorted stuff in garbage bags

Dog poop that I had neglected to pick up *before* it started snowing again and it got lost. Note: the snow is not so melted that it’s *easy* to pick this up: I still have to chop it out of the ice.

A broom I had used to clean off the car from said snowfall.

A neighbor’s boat trailer

A child’s bicycle

Several older greenhouses in several yards (no kidding! It’s not that they were *buried*, just that they lurked behind huge snow dump areas).

A BBQ grill next to one of the dorms on campus.

A plastic motor oil bottle

A bicycle helmet.

Oh well, at least there haven’t been any bodies.

–Sunday, April 6th —

Well, it’s two days later, and we’ve had some light spring snow – all the ickiness is now covered in a pretty through dusting of the white pretty stuff. But, just like dead fish after red tide, the ickiness eventually makes it self known, whether now or later.


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