*Ohhhhh*…so *this* is breakup!

Well, as you can see, my driveway is this amazing lake! Right now, it’s still (barely) below freezing at night, so in the morning, I have this huge 4-6″ deep frozen lake, but when I get home in the evening, it’s quite turned to the hugest puddle I’ve ever seen! And this is in town, on my rock driveway. Connected to paved road. A lot of people live on a dirt or rock road, not even a few miles out of town, and it’s much hillier. A friend who lives here told me a few years ago in no uncertain terms how treacherous his road (that he put in, by the way) got during breakup, and OKAY! so now I get it! Apparently, lots of people drove over it with less care than he desired, tore it up, and left him to regrade it after things dried out around…oh, say mid June. No wonder there are so many mosquitoes in the summer. It’s just another thing that you have to *live* here to get. It was hard for me to imagine why driving on a road, dirt or otherwise, would be such a cause for crotchetiness. Even after living in Walla Walla, which has mostly paved roads, even outside of town. It would be easy to imagine how hosed up and rutty and impassable your dirt road would get during this time of year. It was hard enough driving onto *this* without spinning my wheels. It reminded me a bit of when kids went mudding, back when I was in high school and Sarasota was still rural enough for kids who went to Riverview to do things like that. To make things worse, the melting all came at once this year, in my area at least. We got six inches of snow a week and a half ago, and then 60 degree weather two days ago!

So, what, do you think, people do when their road is 8 inches of impassable mud, and driving on it just makes it worse? They get breakup boots! Here are mine from Big Ray’s downtown:

Surprisingly, this is one of the cheaper things I’ve bought for my comfort since I’ve gotten here. These were $25! Some women buy cute (and slightly more expensive) ones that are pink, green, or polka dotted. But, these were the most comfortable. I bought them to go walking on the trails with Snickers, which I haven’t been able to do in months, because they’re given over to skiers in the winter. Now they’re kinda mooshy, though. I’m prepared like a good girl scout. It’s just soooo nice to have light to walk her in, and not have to bundle up for twenty minutes! The pics of the car (with my garbage in back) were taken at 530pm or so – and the sun was not even close to going down. It’s like my whole body and soul are going “YAY SUN!! YAY!! YAY!! Wait! It’s *10pm*? I have to go to bed? What?” 😀


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  1. Paul Tramp

    Breakin’ Up Is Hard To Do

    Have a nice day! Cool Blog!

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