And we only have 15 days before we start losing light again…

homerThis is your brain on summer in Fairbanks. 🙂 Really, today was SOO gorgeous, this is what I looked like all day. It was definitely one of those “can we have the library outside today, PLEEEEEAAASE??” days. Blue skies, breeze, puffy clouds, green trees, green hills, blooming white chokecherry trees, purple and pink flowers along the roadside. (Those are invasive weeds? REALLY?) It was a bumpy start to the summer, though – We got some less-than frigid weather early in mid April, and then three bouts of snow again, followed by sun, overcast, windstorm, thunderstorm, thunderstorm, overcast, overcast, overcast, and finally sun again. I finally went to a picnic that a new acquaintance had invited me to this Wednesday, because I was finally sure that it wouldn’t be cold and rainy. 🙂 Weather sure is changeable here! Reminds me of FLA in a way – just wait 15 minutes. The students are kidding me that even in excellent weather, I usually have a jacket on, because the minute the sun goes behind a cloud, or the wind blows, it’s kind of chilly! And, while there are mosquitoes, there is NO humidity and NO 100 degree desert days. My basement apartment is a steady 58 degrees!

People are kind of walking around with big smarmy grins on their faces! I haven’t really seen THAT before now, not in such numbers. It’s a lot busier, but not so much that it’s impossible to get around. Not like the teeming masses of tourists and snowbirds of my memories in Florida, when we couldn’t even get into the restaurants we wanted between September and May, without an hour wait. The thing I notice most is, besides the fact that outside is still well and truly light, even after midnight, is that I can go outside without any kind of preparation whatsoever! Man, is that nice. I’ve ridden my bicycle to work a couple of times a week recently, as well as walked some days.

There is WAAAY more to do each weekend than anyone could have time for. A folk music festival, summer farmer’s market, the Alaska Book Festival, Tour de Fairbanks for Diabetes (cycling), Movie Nights, children’s music camp, and UAF Summer Arts Festival programming are just some of the things going on in the next week. They have to cram it all in in three months, don’t ya know – by early September, people start expecting cold and snow anytime.


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