My four footed omnivore

Snicker boo-boo!

Snicker boo-boo!

Here is a partial (because I’m sure I’m not remembering some) list of what my dog Snickers has consumed while I’ve been gone – she always figures out the new way I’ve used to hide food from her – soon I’m sure she will figure out how to pull the step stool over, set it up, and get on the top of the refrigerator, which is the only place left I have to put food besides my (full) kitchen cabinets.

1) 6 chocolate chip peanut butter muffins, baked and sitting in a Ziploc bag, on the dining room table. The bag had not been moved, and was unzipped, with not a crumb left inside or anywhere. (This was when I had first gotten her, and was unaware at how inventive Aussies and Aussie mixes can be.)

2) A whole loaf of freshly baked, still-warm zucchini loaf, left on the butcher block table in the kitchen, still in the baking tin, left unattended while I ran the second loaf upstairs to my landlady. The tin was sideways on the ground, with nary a speck left. I was only gone 5 minutes.

3) Granola Bar – left on my dash in the car while I got out to dump trash – total gone time: 30 seconds.

4) Ripening tomatoes in a bowl from my garden on the kitchen counter – about 4 1/2 feet up. Total amount left: 1 gnawed kohlrabi, on the floor, which she apparently gave up on. She doesn’t have the best teeth; she only has two big upper canines left, from chewing rocks and her chain non-stop before I adopted her.

5) Dehydrated cabbage from my garden; stored on the bookshelves in the dining room, specifically put up there in a Ziploc plastic lidded bowl, to keep it away from her. Bowl found on ground, with teeth marks on the tab of the plastic lid.

6) The dog food in her bin – I got one of those big plastic bins with a door so that she wouldn’t help herself, but didn’t lock the door. One day not long ago, she looked at me, looked at the dog food bin, and I said, “Okay – it’s not time yet. You have to wait.” Whereupon, when I looked down next, she had pawed the door open, gotten some kibble with her mouth, and let the door slam back shut. The door now has a pen in the lock part to prevent her from opening the door.

7) How many ways has my Snicker boo-boo learned to get to the cat food dish? I used to keep it on the toilet tank, until I found dirty dog paw prints on the toilet lid one day. So, every morning, I rolled the TV cart (which had about a 2 foot opening below it) in front of the bathroom door frame. (I didn’t have a door to the bathroom where I used to live). She managed to squeeze herself into and through that small opening. So, I stuffed a big comforter into the hole to block her. Next day? Comforter pulled out and discarded, cart moved about 18 inches from door, cat food eaten.

When we moved to Fairbanks, I started putting the cat food dish on the dining room table, backed up to the bookshelf, so the dog couldn’t reach it. A couple of months later, I came home to the dish on the floor upside down, with not a speck left.  So, I put the cat food on the high bookshelf, over the dining room table, where the cat has to jump 5 feet to get to it. The bowl was on the floor upside down the next day. Now, it’s *inside* the bookshelf, as far back as it can go, about a foot.

8) Finally, (the following is not for the squeamish)  Snickers exhibits the (apparently) fairly typical Aussie trait (or maybe it’s just a dog trait?) of eating out of the cat litter box. I’ve tried many things to keep the box away from her and still make it accessible to the cat, including keeping the closet door the box is in closed to the point that only a cat-sized person can squeeze through. Guess you can guess by now – my little girl guard dog was caught yesterday coming out of the office with scoopable litter stuck to her puss.

9) This is really easy pickins for Snickers – Susan left her salmon, onion, and cream cheese sourdough english muffin alone for a minute – really, we were only upstairs for a moment – and when we came back from upstairs, it was gone, along with 3 or 4 additional english muffins from the plastic sleeve on the counter. I think the only reason she didn’t eat the salmon from the canning jar is because we interrupted her. Susan made herself another, but I think Snickers had another idea.

It’s really silly how goofy I feel about this dog – Not even the litter thing puts me off. Guess that means I’m a dog person, just a bit? Besides, that is not as bad as a friend of mine who left a mushing dog in his truck while he worked on a job and returned to find the dog had chewed off every knob and handle inside the truck cab. I do have little claw marks all over my new black vinyl covered Forester doors… But she’s still my sweetie!


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  1. Miss Method

    I stand in awe of Snickers amazing food snatching prowness! Jasmine, my golden retriever mix, is a tall dog and I’ve recently discovered that she can eat off the counter and out of the sink just by standing on her hind legs. However, Snickers is clearly in a class by herself. And, yes, she is not the only dog to love the cat poop. Although I had one husky/mastiff/Shetland Pony cross named Buck that could unerringly seek out human excrement every time we took him out for a run. He would roll in it and then come galloping back to share the Got so we started carrying rubber gloves and scrubbing supplies in the back of the truck.

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