My favorite Christmas memory

Here is my favorite Christmas memory: My mom, Bill and I watching “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas” on grinchour old TV on Bougainvillea St. in our old neighborhood, when I was small. It’s the details and the feeling of security I remember, but, like every hazy early-in-childhood memory, I bet I remember it differently than Mom. Mom, I know this. 😀

This is the *old* “Grinch” – the one that was animated by Chuck Jones in 1966, the never-to-see-his-like-again snappy sly artist of Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck in years of Looney Tunes cartoons. Chuck drew and worked well into his 80’s, which is a good example to follow, I think.

So, we were watching the “Grinch” on television during one Christmas, and I must have been very small, like 5 or so. I think this was “B.B”. (“Before Butch”, my stepfather.) I remember we still had this comfy old “Early American” patterned sofa with the drumming soldiers and the eagles on it, and my mom was sitting on one end, and I was stretched out with my head in her lap, because the Grinch was kinda scary to me. My feet didn’t reach the other end of the sofa by a LONG shot. I think I still had my pink earless threadbare bunny.

Anyway, there’s this part where Boris Karloff says, “Then he got an idea. An awful idea. The Grinch got a wonderful, awful idea.” And the Grinch’s pencil thin smile turns slowly to a sneer, curlicuing around the ends until his little tuft of hair splits in two. That was so scary to me I hid my face in my mom’s lap!

I know now that a lot of kids turned adults never get a blessing like that. So, thanks, Mom!

What’s my second favorite Christmas memory? Well, that’s gotta be the year Butch bought us all new Schwinn bicycles. 😀 Sorry you weren’t first, Butch, but second isn’t bad, right? 😀


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