Ch-ch-changes! (Sorry, David Bowie.)

my grammie and me during one of our blow-out Christmas's in 1969

my grammie and me during one of our blow-out Christmas's in 1969

It might be that I’ve been looking at family pictures I brought home with me from my trip to Florida… It might be the changes that I saw while looking around at my old alma mater while I was in FL (which I’ve given to calling my “what? huh? Where the heck am I? What part of the campus is this? Heck, what part of *Orlando* is this?” magical mystery tour), or it might just be that I feel we’ve stepped into a bold new world with this Presidential Inauguration, which I am still kind of emotionally touched and happily amazed at, even (heck, probably especially because of) being a Republican.  I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how much things change.  Almost nothing in my life is the same way it was 25 years ago. While a young person doesn’t think change happens fast *enough*, at middle age I can’t think of anything that’s the same as it was when I was 18, 25, or even 30.  Not myself, not my family, not where I grew up, not my friends, not technology.  Perhaps it’s because I’m reaching middle age in the age of the internet? Or, maybe it’s the whole technological generation gap that’s so prevalent between the generations today…see this article, for example. While in a lot of ways this is *good* (stagnation in anything is bad for you, grasshopper),  it’s not until I get confronted by the evidence of that change that I start wondering, “who *was* that Jen of long ago? Was Orlando really at one time like I remember it?” Microsoft is *laying* people off, not hiring them, for the first time.  I remember they were hiring so quickly in the early 90’s, I told my best friend that she better not move to NC and not come back for my wedding if she took that MSFT job. (She was in the wedding party, of course.) Sarasota County is knocking down the most distinctive part of my high school. The living room pictured above no longer exists, even though I spent my whole life before 24 in it.  Seeing pictures of friends’ kids all grown up with their own kids does it for sure.  Trace Adkins sums it up pretty well for me in this song; which is so sweet, I almost cry everytime I hear it. I’d want back the ability to talk to my best friend-from-childhood’s mom. She helped me get my first “grown up” job in Burdines Department Store after high school. Burdines, and Kim’s mom, are gone now. Maybe it’s just that I’m going into the middle aged hormone-y stage of life. However, as Trace *doesn’t* say in his song, there are some things that I don’t want back – like this haircut and earrings. I don’t want those back. My skin looks better than I remember, though! 😀


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