X Gen versus the Millenials

dilbertmillenium So, Dilbert got fired. 😦 And a lot of fans are mad with artist / author Scott Adams because of what got Dilbert fired. Why? Millenials, who are the generation that are about 18-24 right now, have never seen a time without a computer. The computer is their friend, their means of creating community, their entertainment, their television, their means of income. No wonder it’s hard for them to split out their personal life from their professional, wage-earning one. It’s not any surprise to a person my age or older that if you create something on company time, that work belongs to the company. Maybe it is to millenials? This cartoon sits on my staff member’s desk; I gotta admit, sometimes I feel this way. 😀 (Um, actually, I’m not writing this during company time. Really, I’m not. c. UAF, BTW.)


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  1. X vs. Millennials is a theme we will be seeing more and more as people recognize that our generations are very different in character. The Boomer led AARP did just that in an advertisement I blogged about recently http://www.thegenxfiles.com.

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