Things seen while walking the dog….

Canoe on Chena River

  • Two women sitting outside their house on the step chatting. Just chatting.
  • What looked like a homeless guy with a reallllly long gray beard and hair, precipitously and teeterlingly riding a bicycle down the middle of a downtown street…A very *nice* and *expensive* looking bike. One should never judge a book by its cover. Fairbanks is such an unpredictable place, he might be the dean of a department at UAF!
  • The loudest and barkiest, as well as the smallest scottie schnauzer terrier I’ve ever seen – how can such a dominant 45 pound Aussie mix get so anxious at such a dog?
  • A LOVELY rainbow over the Chena River.
  • A little girl who was getting out of her parent’s car that called to me, “I like your puppy!”
  • A license plate frame on a car parked outside Big Daddy’s BBQ (one of my favorite restaurants) that at first I thought said, “nonbeliever”. Whoa, I thought, that’s pretty ballsy – Fairbanks is a pretty church-going town, and people rarely admit to being athiests. However, I don’t have a problem putting it right out there for everyone to see; it’s a free country, after all….Then I noticed the *top* of the frame had wording too, that I hadn’t noticed.

“Shun The”.

***SIGH**. 😦 Words fail me. Where to start? At least the rest of the walk was cool.


“As Christians, we are sorry for being self-righteous, judgmental bastards.” -Jay Bakker, Revolution Church.



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3 responses to “Things seen while walking the dog….

  1. Mom

    I recognize that picture of you and Snickers at the bottom of your post. Mom

  2. Sue Bellevue

    Sometimes there are no words…

  3. Deb

    Could it be that they are actually fans of Charlie the Unicorn?

    “Shun the unbeliever… shunnnnn… shunnnnnn-ah”

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