Some things (almost) never change…

Things that have turned out to be perennial certainties in my AK winter; 1) that I will pull into the drive and say to myself that I will plug in the car later, and then forget, leaving me with a frozen car in the morning. 2) That my heavy mitts will smell like dog poop and fuel oil until spring. 3) That I always think I have more time to get somewhere than I actually do. 4) That I will gain weight. 5) That I will plan a productive evening, crafting, doing art projects I’ve thought up, reading, doing dishes, or whatever, and actually just end up napping on the sofa in front of whatever’s on PBS. 6) That I will think sometime that I will have a second glass of NUMMY Rulo wine or Spruce Tip Alaskan Ale, and will STILL THINK that I will actually do ANYTHING productive after that. 7) That I have walked the dog and worked out at the gym more inconsistently this winter than last, even though the temps were COLDER last year, and that this is a trend that needs to stop. 8. That I will slip and fall ONE time during the winter, and that nothing will be hurt except my pride. 9) That I will decide NOT to put my car keys inside my mitt on the walk out to my car, and then clumsily drop them in a 6 inch snow drift and have to root around for them. 10). That I will resolve to do better *next* winter, then forget all about that during the blissful sunshine that comes during our summer (which is about 80 days).


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