About the loud librarian

Breaking librarian stereotypes since 1999! This is an ongoing diary of thoughts on my move to Fairbanks, AK, starting in Fall of 2007. I call it the Loud Librarian because people don’t normally think of those two things together, but my mom was always telling me to “use my little voice” when I was growing up. Since going to library and INFORMATION school, I’ve met many librarians who are tattooed, read comics, have purple or red hair, play the doumbek, ride motorcycles, mush dogs, or in other ways don’t fit the stereotype. Here’s to them! My whole purpose as a librarian is not to turn into *this* woman…



5 responses to “About the loud librarian

  1. Rob

    Hey Jen,
    You are a GOOD writer. The recycling story is a HOOT! Keep writing these and eventually you will have enough material to wtire a good book. I think you should call it “The Loud Librarian”. Obvious? Well, OK but ti would be a great title and completly descriptive of you and your life experiences. It SOOOO fits.


  2. Thanks, Rob. Yay, I have one fan! 🙂

  3. Drexie Malone

    Your writing in the “Loudlibrarian” is cogent and interesting and detailed. I have enjoyed talking with you and experiencing your oral stories; now I see you do as well in print! There is a vast difference- being able to put it down ‘on paper’ in the same compelling way. So, touche.
    The name of the blog is great; it is very original.

  4. Barb

    So are you going to get librarian-ish and categorize your posts?

    Nice hearing from you.

  5. Mom

    I agree with all the above. Keep all your writings and some day you can make a book. I am sure you have more than one fan.

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